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Nuwave Precision CookerHey everyone, my name is Deborah and this is my Nuwave PIC review. I wanted to write this Nuwave PIC review so that I could share my personal experience with the Nuwave PIC. I hope that I will be able to help anyone who is interested in the Nuwave PIC find out more about the product.

When I first saw the Nuwave PIC on TV I was really interested in the product because I already owned a Nuwave Oven. I love my Nuwave Oven, so I was excited to see what the Nuwave cook top was all about. I am not a professional cook or anything, however I do love cooking. I am a stay at home mom and cooking meals for my family is something I love being able to do for them. Also, once a week my friends and I get together and we have a recipe and small luncheon. It is fun because we are able to try out new recipes with each other and share some of our favorites as well.

After watching the Nuwave PIC commercial and visiting the official website I saw a lot of benefits in using the Nuwave PIC precision induction cooktop.

The Nuwave precision induction cook top is versatile. To me, versatility is important in a product. I like when I can use a product for many different things, and with the Nuwave PIC I can do just that. The Nuwave cook top can be used as a grill, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a fondue maker, a deep fryer, and as a well a normal stove top. I was amazed to see all of the different things that I could do with just one piece of kitchen equipment. The Nuwave PIC has become my go to kitchen appliance because I can really use it for everything.

I used to have a separate kitchen appliance for most of the things that the Nuwave PIC can do on its own. So, after ordering my Nuwave PIC I was able to get rid of most of those appliances. I loved being able to do that because it cleared up clutter in my kitchen.

The Nuwave PIC cook top has a controlled temperature setting. This is one of my favorite parts about the Nuwave PIC. I don’t have to guess what temperature I am cooking my food at anymore. I don’t have over cooked or under cooked food anymore because I get to be in charge of the temperature instead of guessing how hot the number 6 is on my stove top anymore. My food has tasted even better since I have gotten to be the one in control of the temperature setting.

The Nuwave PIC cooktop has saved me money on my electricity bill. I was really surprised to see how much money I have saved with the Nuwave PIC cook top. I never really realized how much energy the stove top used to heat up. With the Nuwave PIC it heats up in seconds and it ready to cook my food.

The Nuwave Pic cook top is cool to the touch. One of the things that I was worried about with the Nuwave PIC was that the whole portable cook top would heat while I was using it. However, that is not the case. The Nuwave PIC only heats up the cookware that is on top of the heating surface. I was amazed to see the Nuwave PIC is cold to the touch and that only the cookware heats up.

There are a lot of benefits to having the Nuwave PIC in my kitchen. I love to use it because it is versatile, portable, safe, and easy to use. I hope that my Nuwave PIC reviews are helpful.

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Nuwave PIC Amazon

Hey everyone, I am back again to talk about Nuwave PIC Amazon. I’ve got a few emails asking me about the best place to buy the Nuwave PIC. I had that question when I was looking to getting the Nuwave PIC as well.

I like to get best deal and the most value when I buy something. I am always on the lookout for deals and sales. So I checked around on a few different websites to see where the best deal was for the Nuwave PIC.

Being a savvy and thrifty shopper, I tend to order a lot of things from Amazon. Amazon is a great place to buy things on sale. So, that was the first place that I went to look for the Nuwave PIC. I thought that the Nuwave PIC Amazon would have the best price and offer for the Nuwave PIC and that is why I went to that website first.

However, when I got to the Nuwave PIC Amazon offer I was really surprised. I was surprised to see that Amazon doesn’t always have the best deals. Now, I will be sure to check other places before ordering from Amazon.

On Amazon the Nuwave PIC costs $99.00. That is the same price as the Nuwave PIC official website. But, with the Amazon offer that is for only one Nuwave PIC. On the official website for the same price as the Amazon offer I was able to get two Nuwave PICs, the instructional DVDs, the cookbook, and the cookware set.

At first I couldn’t believe that Amazon didn’t have a better deal than that. But I was really glad that I didn’t order from Amazon because I was able to get more than double the Amazon offer on the official website for the same price!

The Nuwave PIC official website has the best offer by far. I got the most value for my money by ordering from the official website. Getting two Nuwave PICs was really good for me because I am able to use two Nuwave PICs while cooking dinner. Having two makes my cooking go by faster and more efficiently.

Plus, by ordering from the official website I didn’t have any risk with trying out the Nuwave PIC. The Nuwave PIC comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, I knew that I would have plenty of time to decide if I wanted to use the Nuwave PIC or not.

I also got a one year warrant on the Nuwave PIC by ordering from the official website. If I ordered from Amazon I also would not have gotten the warranty. The Nuwave PIC offer from the official website was really generous and I know that I made the best decision by ordering from there.

I recommend the Nuwave PIC cooktop to all of my family and friends because it is safer to cook with, saves energy, is portable, and is versatile. And the official website is the best place to order the Nuwave PIC cooktop.

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Nuwave PIC Cooktop

When I placed my order from the official Nuwave PIC cooktop I was really happy with my order and excited for everything that came with it.

Here’s what I got when I placed my Nuwave PIC order:

Currently the official website has a Buy One Get One Free deal  for the Nuwave PIC. So just by ordering one Nuwave PIC I got a second for free. Having the two Nuwave PIC cooktops is great because that is normally about how many burners I use while cooking a meal for my family of five. I like having the two Nuwave PIC cooktops because I can cook more than one thing at once.

The Nuwave PIC complete cookbook also comes with the Nuwave PIC offer. The complete cookbook has a wide variety of recipes and of the recipes that I have tried, they taste great. The cookbook instructions are easy to follow and come with pictures to show how the meal is supposed to turn out. The Nuwave PIC cookbook taught me a lot of about what kind of recipes the Nuwave PIC is capable of making.

The Nuwave PIC Quick Start Cooking Guide was really helpful to get as well. When I first got the Nuwave PIC I was worried about setting my own temperatures for cooking because with my normal stove I never knew what temperature my burners were at. The Quick Start Cooking Guide helps to determine what cooking times and temperatures are best to use with the Nuwave PIC cooktop.

The Nuwave PIC has more temperate setting options than a tradition stove top as well. The temperature settings on the Nuwave PIC range from 100-575F. There are 52 different temperate settings, which are adjustable by 10 degrees and it also has 6 preset temperature settings for the basic cooking demands.

Then with my Nuwave PIC cooktop order I also got the Nuwave PIC Instructional DVD. The DVD taught me how to use the Nuwave PIC and made getting started cooking with it really easy. In the Nuwave PIC Instructional DVD there are step by step instructions how to get started, cooking, and programming the Nuwave PIC.

My Nuwave PIC order also came with a free set of cookware to use with my Nuwave PIC cooktops. The cookware is non-toxic and eco-friendly. All of the cookware is stainless steel and are non-stick. Using the Nuwave PIC cookware allows me to use less oil while cooking because all of the cookware is non-stick. The cookware that I got as a free bonus are: a 9-inch stainless steel non-stick omelet pan, 10.5-inch stainless steel non-stick frying pan, 3.5 quart stainless steel pot and a glass lid.

Overall, I have been really impressed with my Nuwave PIC cooktop order. I was able to get everything that I mentioned about for 3 payments of $33, which was total of about $100. Normally, a new set of cookware alone would have cost me that. The Nuwave PIC cooktop offer from the official website is really generous and worth every penny.

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Nuwave PIC Recipes

When I use my Nuwave PIC my recipes always turn out to be a hit because I am able to control the temperature.

I have a lot of great Nuwave PIC recipes that all of my family loves. What is great about the Nuwave PIC is that the Nuwave PIC recipes are endless. Anything that you can cook on the stove, grill, slow cooker, fondue maker, rice cooker, deep fryer, and more, you can cook with the Nuwave PIC cooktop.

Honey Grilled Salmon:

1T packed brown sugar
2T olive or coconut oil
1T honey
1T reduced sodium soy sauce or Braggs Liquid Amino
1 clove of garlic finely chopped
1 large salmon fillet (approx. 2 lbs)

-In a small bowl mix all ingredients except for the salmon
-Place the salmon in a shallow glass (or plastic) dish and pour the marinade over the salmon. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour.
-Put the salmon skin side down on the Nuwave PIC grill over medium heat for 10-20 minutes until the salmon is flaky. During that time the salmon is grilling brush the salmon with the remaining marinade 2-3 times, after the salmon is cooked discard the left over marinade.

I then serve this salmon with rice that is cooking in my second Nuwave PIC cooktop and a salad. The salmon turns out perfectly with the Nuwave PIC. It is very moist and has the great flavor from the grill.

My family’s other favorite Nuwave PIC recipe is a chocolate fondue recipe.

Chocolate Fondue:

10 Ounces chocolate (I prefer dark)
1/2c Milk
1/2t vanilla

-Combine all ingredients into a pot on the Nuwave PIC on a low setting
-Serve with chopped strawberries, chopped banana, chopped pineapple, chopped apple, marshmallows, and pretzels.

The Nuwave PIC cooktop saves me money because it uses electricity efficiently. It works fast to heat up what I am cooking. My stove top takes at least five minutes to heat up and I can’t even control what the exact temperature is. When I use my stove top I find that my whole kitchen gets so hot, steamy, and smoky. And when I use my Nuwave PIC cooktop I don’t have that problem. The heat stays concentrated on the Nuwave PIC cooktop and whatever is being cook on it. And the neat isn’t transferred to the counter either. The only place that the heat goes is to the cookware on the Nuwave PIC.

What I also love about my Nuwave PIC cooktop is that the heat only transfers to whatever cookware I have on the Nuwave PIC. So, if I place only half of my skillet on the Nuwave PIC then that half of the cookware gets hot and the surface of the Nuwave PIC stays cold. Even once I remove the cookware off of the Nuwave PIC it is still cold to the touch. I think that the Nuwave PIC is an amazing piece of technology.

I love using my Nuwave PIC recipes and I recommend the Nuwave PIC because it is safe, energy efficient, versatile, and has more functions that any other kitchen appliance that I own.

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Nuwave PIC Grill

One of the things that I really like about the Nuwave PIC is that it can also be used as a Nuwave PIC grill.

When I first saw the Nuwave PIC portable cook top I was worried that it wouldn’t be versatile and that I would only be able to use it as a stove top. However, I was so surprised and happy to see that the Nuwave PIC is more than just a stove top. The Nuwave PIC cooktop has been my number one go to kitchen appliance. I use it to cook everything.

What I really like about using the Nuwave PIC grill is that it is similar to my George Foreman grill that I used to use. Since the Nuwave PIC grill does the same thing as the George Foreman I have actually gotten rid of my George Foreman grill. Grilling with the Nuwave PIC is so easy and I don’t have to worry about fat consumption while grilling with the Nuwave PIC. The Nuwave PIC comes with a grilling top and the grilling top is what works similar to the George Foreman grill in that it reduces fat. While the meat is grilling on the Nuwave PIC it drips off of the meat.

Using the Nuwave PIC grill cooks meat, vegetables, and fish the same way that it does on the grill. I was at first worried that there might be a taste difference between the Nuwave PIC grill and the normal grill, however we have been pleasantly surprised to see that food tastes the same as the grill with the Nuwave PIC.

When I ordered my Nuwave PIC from the official website I got a fantastic deal. For three payments of $33, for a total of about $100, I was able to get TWO Nuwave PICs, Quick Start Cooking Guide, Nuwave PIC complete cookbook, Instructional gourmet DVD, and the Nuwave PIC bonus cooking package. The Nuwave PIC bonus cooking package includes 3.5 quart stainless steel pot, stainless steel steamer basket, 9 piece deluxe fondue set, 9 inch Perfect Green Omelet pan, 10.5 inch Perfect Green frying pan.

I was really impressed with the Nuwave PIC offer and to by how much value there is in the offer. For only $100 I was able to get everything that I needed to use the Nuwave PIC and since I have started using the Nuwave PIC it has replaced my traditional stove top.

What I also was really glad about my Nuwave PIC offer was that it came with a 30-day money back guarantee. I was able to try the Nuwave PIC grill and everything that came with it risk free for 30 days. In that thirty days I was able to decide if the Nuwave PIC was for me, and I wasn’t worried about it wasn’t because I would be able to send it back easily.

I love having the Nuwave PIC cooktop in my kitchen because it saves me money, is safer to use, and has cleared up my kitchen. I recommend the Nuwave PIC cooktop to everyone because of its versatility. The Nuwave PIC is the best kitchen appliance that I have ever bought.

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