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Hey everyone, I am back again to talk about Nuwave PIC Amazon. I’ve got a few emails asking me about the best place to buy the Nuwave PIC. I had that question when I was looking to getting the Nuwave PIC as well.

I like to get best deal and the most value when I buy something. I am always on the lookout for deals and sales. So I checked around on a few different websites to see where the best deal was for the Nuwave PIC.

Being a savvy and thrifty shopper, I tend to order a lot of things from Amazon. Amazon is a great place to buy things on sale. So, that was the first place that I went to look for the Nuwave PIC. I thought that the Nuwave PIC Amazon would have the best price and offer for the Nuwave PIC and that is why I went to that website first.

However, when I got to the Nuwave PIC Amazon offer I was really surprised. I was surprised to see that Amazon doesn’t always have the best deals. Now, I will be sure to check other places before ordering from Amazon.

On Amazon the Nuwave PIC costs $99.00. That is the same price as the Nuwave PIC official website. But, with the Amazon offer that is for only one Nuwave PIC. On the official website for the same price as the Amazon offer I was able to get two Nuwave PICs, the instructional DVDs, the cookbook, and the cookware set.

At first I couldn’t believe that Amazon didn’t have a better deal than that. But I was really glad that I didn’t order from Amazon because I was able to get more than double the Amazon offer on the official website for the same price!

The Nuwave PIC official website has the best offer by far. I got the most value for my money by ordering from the official website. Getting two Nuwave PICs was really good for me because I am able to use two Nuwave PICs while cooking dinner. Having two makes my cooking go by faster and more efficiently.

Plus, by ordering from the official website I didn’t have any risk with trying out the Nuwave PIC. The Nuwave PIC comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, I knew that I would have plenty of time to decide if I wanted to use the Nuwave PIC or not.

I also got a one year warrant on the Nuwave PIC by ordering from the official website. If I ordered from Amazon I also would not have gotten the warranty. The Nuwave PIC offer from the official website was really generous and I know that I made the best decision by ordering from there.

I recommend the Nuwave PIC cooktop to all of my family and friends because it is safer to cook with, saves energy, is portable, and is versatile. And the official website is the best place to order the Nuwave PIC cooktop.

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